People used to laugh when Sony said the PS3 was going to be around for a decade (even though it was a totally fair thing to say!), so I can only imagine those same folks' reaction to word that the next Xbox isn't just designed to be around for a decade, but stay powered on for a decade.

According to a report on Eurogamer, citing "inside sources at Microsoft", so intent is the company on avoiding the same power and heating issues that led to the Red Ring of Death in the Xbox 360 that they've gone bananas with the Xbox One, shooting for a goal that the system should be able to remain powered on for a full decade without failing.


Seems the new console is a large beast, bigger even than the original launch 360, and all that space is because Microsoft has gone to town on its heat dissipation, leaving enough room and then some for the console to cool down.

In addition to that, it's also reportedly designed to run "almost entirely silent" most of the time, including while playing media, only making a sound when running an intensive game. Given I've still got a couple of 2008-ish consoles that sound like 747s taking off while I'm watching a movie, that would be pretty great.

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