The Xbox One Controller Costs $60; the Headset is $25.

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Microsoft finally got down to officially telling everyone the official price of an extra Xbox One controller, and it's $59.99. The Xbox One's headset—which isn't included in the box—is $24.99.


This is important because existing Xbox 360 controllers and compatible headsets won't work with the Xbox One (Microsoft reasons that Kinect, included with every Xbox One, can already handle voice chat for you. Microsoft has also said it plans to make adapters that "allow consumers to connect many brands of wired gaming headsets to the Wireless Controller for gaming and chat audio.")

You'll get one controller in the Xbox One's box. If you want an extra recharging pack, that will run $24.99.

[via Microsoft Store]


Let's hope the recharging packs fare better than the battery packs on the 360. I think crappy battery packs were my biggest disappointment with the 360 hardware.