The Xbox 360 Version of Battlefield 4 Doesn't Look So Hot

Most of the footage we've seen of Battlefield 4 so far has been gorgeous. There's a reason for that: we've either seen next-gen footage, or PC footage. Natch the graphics will be a step up from current-gen systems.


Even so, you don't realize how much of a step-up it is until you see the different versions side-by-side—and thankfully, the fine folk at VideoGamerTV let us see exactly that in this video. It seems like your best bet, if you care about visuals at all, is to get the game on either PC or next-gen platforms—that's where the game shines.

Otherwise, sure, some of this stuff isn't such a huge deal—they're just graphics!—but hey, if you have a choice here, why not go with the best-looking version?

Battlefield 4: How bad does it look on the Xbox? [VideoGamerTV]


I love your writing normally, Patricia, but for the love of (skinny) pete, why are you using the atrocious word "natch" when it's only a couple more keystrokes to write "naturally"? I'll gladly pay the microsecond of typing it saves if I never have to see that thing again.