The Worst Video Game Birthday Ever

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It's commenter Zombie711's birthday today, and instead of dwelling on the relentless march towards death, he'd rather talk about the best and worst video game birthdays in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


It's my birthday today! Lets celebrate.

Whats the best/worst birthday in video games? There are so many to choose, from conker to Pokémon. But my personal favorite has to go to Disney's Epic Mickey. It really is a birthday were everything goes wrong. His half brother hates him, he cant remember a lot of his old friends, an evil monster he created wants to kill him and destroy wasteland. Oh also, he is in a place THAT IS LITERALLY CALLED WASTELAND. Still Mickey continues to fight his way through.

Its strange that people dont seem to notice it takes place on his birthday but I guess now you do.

So tell me Kotaku, what Video game has the best birthday?

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DrakeinVB: Assistant to the Regional Manager

And I would say this probably has to be one of my favorite video game birthday celebrations.