Seriously, what were they thinking with that box art?

In case you're not aware of the original NES Mega Man's infamous North American box art from 1987, here it is in all its glory, courtesy of GameFAQs:

The bizarrely redesigned Mega Man and the completely random scenery catapulted it into the bad box art hall of fame, even prompting Capcom to include a playable Bad Box Art Mega Man character in their crossover fighting game, Street Fighter x Tekken. The figure is based on this slightly redesigned version.


Here are the photos of the figure, shared by user momoji of the Thailand-based MODxTOY website (via tipster Brian/Rockman Corner):


Creepy Woody cameos in a few of the photos. It doesn't end well for him:

And here's Bad Box Art Mega Man with his, uh, compatriots:

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