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The World's Most Advanced Gaming Mouse (Trailer)

How epic can a trailer for a gaming mouse get? This epic.

During E3 last week, Razer introduced the latest version of its Mamba gaming mouse, an incredibly popular product in gaming circles as well as one of the few gaming mice you’re likely to find at a Walmart—the truest test of niche hardware penetration.


Razer’s calling this new, $150 wireless version of the Mamba “the world’s most advanced gaming mouse,” which in this case seems accurate in a more options than I’d ever need sort of way. It’s 16,000 DPI laser sensor can be adjusted in increments of 1 DPI—the industry standard is 50 DPI increments—meaning you can be incredible anal about the DPI if you’re so inclined.

What’s really cool about the new Mamba however, is this trailer.

What’s really, really cool about the new Mamba is actually its “Adjustable Click Force” buttons, which allows users to control how much pressure it takes to click the right and left mouse buttons. Gone are the days of going through a dozen mice to find the one that clicks just right, which I don’t believe ever happens but if it did it shouldn’t anymore.

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It also glows with 16.8 million color options, which is a feature I am much more likely to use. I’ve been playing with the interactive demo over at Razer’s website for 15 minutes now. So many colors.

For those of you who don’t care about adjustable mice button pressure, Razer’s got a wired Tournament Edition Mamba for $90 that still changes colors, so that’s cool. It just won’t be assembled by robots, and you won’t be able to call it the “world’s most advanced gaming mouse.” Well, you can, but you’d be lying.

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My first Razer Mamba fell apart after 2 months. The side grips were cheaply glued. I dont like Razer products.. they are kinda shoddy. I’d recommend a Logitech G502 over this doo doo here lol.