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The World's Greatest Second Life Troll

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I get accused of lurking on /b/ but I honestly don't. What knowledge I have of /b/ memes comes from my former co-worker Sander. That's why I'm so late bringing you Ralph Pootawn, the greatest Second Life troll ever. (NSFW)


Troll describes Ralph perfectly because it's what he is, about the ugliest character one can create in Second Life. Short, fat, ugly and babyshit green, wherever there's Second Life sex, Pootawn shows up uninvited, cracks open a beer, and watches. His presence must be devastating to the act, both virtually and for whatever's going on IRL. To wit:


Pootawn got noticed back in January and "ralph pls go" became the meme, taken from that picture above when one of the sexin'-participants kindly asked him to leave. Ralph replied simply: "No." His style seems to be more understated - when a two-foot tall cigar-smoking blob walks in on an intimate moment, there's really not much that needs to be said.

You can see more screens of Ralph's exploits at the link below. It looks like he's expanded his m.o. to include gate-crashing all sorts of encounters, not just sex.

Ralph Pls Go. NO. [site]