​The World's Biggest Digital Comics Retailer Got Hacked

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Comixology—the digital comics storefront that pushes hundreds of thousands of comics to millions of readers all over the world—just informed users that they suffered a security breach. Okay, True Believers, you should know the drill by now: time to pick a new password.


Here's an excerpt from an e-mail sent to Comixology users this morning:

In the course of a recent review and upgrade of our security infrastructure, we determined that an unauthorized individual accessed a database of ours that contained usernames, email addresses, and cryptographically protected passwords.

Payment account information is not stored on our servers.

Even though we store our passwords in protected form, as a precautionary measure we are requiring all users to change their passwords on the comiXology platform and recommend that you promptly change your password on any other website where you use the same or a similar password.

If anything, this breach is a sign of just how big Comixology—and the digital comics market as a whole—has become. With all the conspicuous profit they rake in, it makes a nefarious kind of sense when huge mega-conglomerates like Target or Sony get hacked. They represent the kind of big, juicy targets that could be a gold mine for cyber-criminals. Apparently, the purveyor of non-paper periodicals from DC, Marvel, Image and other comics publishers is in their league now.



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