The World Of Warcraft Legion Pre-Patch Has Been Very Good To Me So Far

Not everyone is happy with some of the changes made to World of Warcraft in preparation for the upcoming Legion expansion. Aside from some minor annoyances, I’ve been having a blast. Being Squirrel Girl helps.

I’ve been harping on Gnome Hunters since they were announced earlier this year, and now that I’m leveling one I feel that harping was completely warranted. Despite rolling Beast Mastery, which seems to be the least popular choice these days, I am a tiny engine of ranged destruction, mowing down oncoming enemies with casual ease.


I suppose “casual” is the proper term to use here, what with all the streamlining (because dumbing down is offensive to dummies) that’s gone on over the past decade and change. Take that whole Beast Mastery thing. I’m just a non-combat button press away from swapping to Marksmanship or Survival. I can even swap around my talents in any rested XP area (cities, inns), which makes increasingly easy decisions even easier.

I am a little miffed about not being able to remove my helmet without visiting a transmorgifier. That said, the new appearance management system is a source of joy, both for fashion conscious me and ravenous collector me. I must fill all of the appearance slots. And once I am done, I must create different signature outfits for each of my specializations, so I change close when I change play style.


The game is doing strange things with gold, reducing the amount given for certain dungeons and produced by garrisons, the previous expansion’s big thing that they’re trying to make less appealing now that they’re going to all be more or less abandoned for new content. The economy is getting a little wacky, especially with prices on low-level items with unique appearances skyrocketing due to being in demand for the new wardrobe system.

And while I am not playing on my RP server currently, the introduction of involuntary phasing in cities to cut down on crowding has made maintaining a RP conversation a crapshoot. Maybe the person you’re chatting with disappears, shunted off to another instance. Blizzard’s working on a fix to make sure they don’t alienate one of their most loyal fanbases.


I’ve taken my Gnome Hunter from level 1 to 57 in the past couple of days, and I have to say it’s always a joy to have a reason to return to World of Warcraft. Hopping on just to poke around is fine, but when you’re driven to reach level 100 to tame a mechanical wolf in the depths of Gnomeregan, the easy-breezy nature of modern play and the ageless cartoon graphics serve the game well.


And so Quality the Gnome Hunter (Ysera server) and her brave squirrel pet TippyToe prepare to enter the Dark Portal. For the first time, that is. The regular one, not the cross-time one. Those boring Burning Crusade quests won’t know what hit them.

How’s pre-expansion content treating you folks?

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