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The World of Katamari Damacy Infused With Portal Looks Like This

Illustration for article titled The World of emKatamari Damacy/em Infused With emPortal/em Looks Like This

I'm not sure if this is a case of Portal making Katamari Damacy cuter, or Katamari Damacy making Portal cuter. Either way, this mesh of two awesome video games is confusingly amazing. Expand the image for the full effect.


Though, I'm not entirely sure how a video game featuring the two would actually work. I suppose you'd have to roll your way through portals. Or would the katamari roll up the portals in its rampage? What black holes would we be creating then?


The possibilities are both horrifying and exciting.

Guys I'm not even sure anymore. [Squid Von Bob]

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Lyan Porto

What's with Katamari lately? Twice in the same week? That's infinitely more news the series usually gets.