Who said economic times are tough? Not the makers of this Mario pendant, who somehow feel that a global recession is just the right time to be launching a diamond-encrusted Mario pendant worth around $11,000.

It stands 4.5" tall, and is coloured to match Mario's distinctive overalls and hat. The frame is made of 10K gold, while the total in diamonds adds up to 14.5 cts.


Of course, the item's actual worth is debatable. The seller claims that the "retail" price for such a thing would be $11857, yet has it for sale for "only" $7000 (with free shipping!), so take your pick as to which of the two you're going to believe.

Doesn't matter which of the two you ultimately settle on. The kind of person willing to spend $7000 for an unlicensed (note the MR instead of M on the hat) pendant of Mario covered in diamonds would be stupid enough to spend the extra 4g's.


Super Mario 10K Gold Diamond Pendant [gameSniped]

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