The Women Playing Games Online Have Happier, Sexier Relationships

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There's the stereotype of the online gamer as an angry shut-in, using the anonymity of the internet to grief anyone in earshot. Especially, it seems, the women who dare enter an FPS lobby.


But one study's shown that those women may be getting more action offline than any stereotype can account for. The Games Blog at Aol runs down the results of a survey by HarrisInteractive that looks into the lifestyle and habits of female gamers. Of the women surveyed, the ones who play games online say they have sex more than the ones who don't and also that they're in happy relationships. The gamer contingent also says that they don't play games to meet people and that they tend to work out more. The data just goes to show that more people from all walks of life are playing games—all sorts of games, probably—than is widely acknowledged.


Women who play online games have more sex [AOL Games Blog]

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While common interests are hugely important, I hope too many guys aren't looking for a 'gamer girl' simply because, well, she's a gamer. I know first-hand that relationships between gamers will still not always work, even when their taste in games is pretty much the same.

That said, I think it'd be cool to have a guy who games as much as I do. And is a cat-lover.