Roger Avary has been working on a Wolfenstein (id's shooter series, not its predecessor) movie for over five years now, but in the meantime he's been, um, a little busy.

So fans of the series, or of Avary's work, should know that as of this week the project is back on the front foot, with Panorama announcing today that the movie, which the Academy Award-winner will both write and direct, is entering production.


Things might be a little different than what you'd expect, plot-wise: while the movie will still involve a castle, the occult and Hitler, there won't be one hero, but two, with a British special agent joining "a young US army Captain", who so help me God had better be called B.J. Blazkowicz, or me and this movie are going to have problems.

Roger Avary to Direct Video Game Adaptation CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN [Collider]

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