The Witcher Enhanced Edition Update Now Available

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CD Projekt Red's super enhanced edition of their excellent RPG The Witcher should be on its way or indeed on the shelves of a store near you as we speak, but as promised, owners of the original game can now get everything included in the super mega mega version completely free via one hell of a download. The main patch, which includes animation changes, performance tweaks, and generally makes the game better weighs in at 1GB, while grabbing your language pack is another 500MB. Finally there's the bonus pack, which contains new adventures, two CDs worth of music, and the bonus content from the box set, all scrunched up into another 1.5GB worth of data. Part of me wants to get this started right now. The other part can almost smell the freshly-printed box scent of the retail version. Decisions, decisions. The Witcher Enhanced Edition Download Instructions [Official Site]



^ the blood was never censored in US version just the boobs (go figure). Anyhow, I have heard that indeed, the nudity patch is broken with the update, no word on if you can reapply it yet or not. I'm attempting to seed a torrent of the US patch and english language, but forgive my slow speed: [] least helps if you can't get the main site going.