The Witcher: DuelMail Becomes The Witcher: Versus

Remember The Witcher: DuelMail, the free-to-play browser fighting game based on the hit PC RPG that ate up a whole lot of productivity when it went into open beta back in March? Well the beta is over, and the game has a new, more sensible name - The Witcher: Versus. More than 48,000 people participated in the beta, offering feedback that brought about changes in the release version of the game. Updated features include multi-channel chat, a new player tutorial, enhanced graphics, and a more demanding character development system so you can fully customize your character's skills.


I'm assuming they also fixed whatever it was that was letting me kick so much ass in the beta version, as evidenced by the frustrated comments in the original post. Only one way to be sure though...head over to The Witcher: Versus and challenge the powerful sorceress Kotaku to a duel. Muhahahaha.

The Witcher: Versus [CD Projekt Red]

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