I’ve been replaying The Witcher 3 over the past couple of weeks, and every so often I’ll notice something is slightly different than it was the first time I played. That’s because slowly but surely, CD Projekt Red has been adding free stuff to the game.

I decided to look back over what they’ve added so far, and to periodically check in on other things as they’re added. There have been two DLC packs so far, with a third coming this week. The additions have been pretty minor, like the kinds of pre-order exclusive doodads that are eventually included in Game of the Year editions. Only, you know, free for everyone.

First of all, we got the Temerian Armor set, which includes a full set of armor for Geralt and a full set of gear for his horse, Roach. (Yeah, it’s basically horse armor DLC.) You have to buy it from that merchant you save near the start of the game, who sets up shop in the town of White Orchard. The armor actually looks pretty cool:

And it appears to level with you—I was level 31 when I went and bought it, and it required level 29 to use. I’ve seen videos showing it as level 4 armor, which makes me think it changes depending on your level.


Thing is, it’s still nowhere near as good as the mastercrafted cat-school armor I’ve got Geralt wearing, and the horse gear is way worse than the stuff I’ve bought over the course of the game. So, as with most armor in The Witcher 3, Geralt’s custom Witcher gear renders it irrelevant. If you’ve been following my advice and doing the Witcher gear treasure hunts, you won’t really need it.

The other part of the first update was meatier… or rather, beardier. It added several possible haircuts to the game, along with several new beard styles. You can go with some friendly (goofy) mutton chops:


or a soul patch:

Or a bushy goatee:


You can get your hair cut short on top with a ponytail:

which looks kinda punk but… kind of weird, really. Or you can go with a dreamier look, long-ish with no ponytail:


There are a few other options, as well. Honestly, they all look a little bit odd when compared with the old standbys of “High Tight Ponytail” and “Loose With Ponytail,” but it’s nice to have options.

In the second update, we got a new outfit for Yennefer of Venberberg, which adds some Morrigan-esque feathers to her ensemble, along with some sex-ay lace stockings:


You can turn it on and off under the “Downloadable Content” tab in the main menu. The new outfit is fine, but doesn’t seem to integrate into some cutscenes as well as her default outfit. Also, last night I noticed she was flipping back to her default outfit for pre-rendered cutscenes, then returning to the new one for in-engine stuff, making me wonder if she was popping off to a dressing room in between scenes to change. Sorceresses have mysterious ways, so it’s certainly possible.

The meatiest free addition has been a contract quest called “Missing Miners.” It’s a level 27 quest involving some… well, you can probably guess! Some miners have gone missing. This being The Witcher 3, a monster is probably involved. The quest itself is pretty simple—you can find it on a notice board in the middle of Skellige. The board will turn yellow on your map, which indicates that there’s a new quest there. While the contract can be resolved in a couple of different ways, it’s not particularly involved, as Witcher 3 sidequests go.

CD Projekt Red has got a bunch more free DLC planned; they say there’ll be a total of sixteen DLC packs. Hopefully this stuff will get more substantial as we go; it’d be awesome to get a few ultra-high-level contracts for those of us who are already at or near the end of the game. Still, it’s hard to complain too much when it’s all free, and when the base game is already so massive. I’ll keep an eye on the rest of the upcoming DLC as it comes out.


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