The Witch and the Hundred Knight lands in the West next March. Per the company's announcement, Nippon Ichi Software's quirky monster-devouring hack n' slash game is hitting European PS3s on March 21, and North American ones four days later, on the 25th. You can read our impressions on the Japanese version here.


Shawntez Phillips

I've been on IGN a lot lately. I can see them giving this game a 7.0 (good) which incites constant back & forth on the comment section about god knows what.

I like the people who work at IGN and some of my favorite reviewers work there but man, the community is so opinionated, surpassing the point of conversation and immediately engaging in hostility when anyone posts a comment. I said I had more fun with GT6 rather than Forza 5, got told that i'm wrong and stupid (worse than this, paraphrasing is fun.)

Anyway on the topic of the game it seems cool but not a defining RPG. It sure as hell is a unique one though, which warrants a purchase from me.