The Wii U grows exponentially more interesting, with the addition of outstanding modern platformer Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and classic role-playing game Breath of Fire II in today's Nintendo Download. What other wonders lurk in this week's selection of digital downloads? Behold!

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I'm still waiting for Breath of Fire III. My husband LOVED the first two games but never played any of the others, and considering what he loved most was the city-building, Breath of Fire III seems like the best choice for us to play together. (He never got that invested in Breath of Fire IV, unfortunately.) Hopefully some day they can iron out the kinks (I think it's a soundtrack copyright issue or something) and I can pick it up for us. I know I could just buy the disc through eBay, but, eh, I don't really know that I want to pay upwards of thirty dollars of it and roll that gamble on it actually working.