The When And Where On MGS4's Official San Francisco Launch Event

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If you're anywhere near the San Francisco area and want to fulfill your lifetime dream of gifting Metal Gear Solid overseer Hideo Kojima a bouquet of long stem roses, make your way to the Metreon this Saturday. Kojima will be signing a limited number of autographs alongside the release of Metal Gear Solid 4. Also in attendance, Sharpies in hand, will be producer Kenichiro Imaizumi, associate producer Ryan Payton, and Yumi Kikuchi, model and "Beauty" inspiration.


The whole thing kicks off June 14 at the PlayStation Store in the Metreon at 4 P.M. Kojima and crew are whisked away at 6 P.M. We suggest getting in line early. As in fifteen minutes ago.

One last thing. Do NOT touch Kojima. And under no circumstances are you allowed to mock Ryan Payton's choice in hats.

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Luke Plunkett


That's not a joke.

You cannot touch the man.