The Weirdest Things We Found at E3 2018

For those of us who didn’t get a chance to visit Los Angeles for this year’s Electronic 3 Two-Zero-One-Eight, Tim and our wonderful video team on the West Coast have been hard at work providing us with an inside look. That also means a peek at all of the weird stuff E3 has to offer, like VR shoes for optimal seated-running, backpacks with military grade nylon to carry your 70-pound PC, and of course some sweet Sonic the Hedgehog sneakers to wear as you recline inside of your very own video game chamber.


Please enjoy Tim taking us on a journey through the other side of E3, so you don’t have to.


Frankenfurter, MD

For those of us that are located in downtown, thank you for making that numbers joke. Had me grinning quite a bit.