In Japan, the voice of Snake is Akio Otsuka. He’s famous! In the past, he would often appear at Metal Gear events, which make recent claims by a Japanese TV show all the odder. Namely, that he refuses to show his face.

On late night talk show Shabekuri 007, actor Tori Matsuzaka was asked what three people he wanted to meet. Among those, Matsuzaka, who’s apparently into video games, replied that he wanted to meet Metal Gear voice actor Akio Otsuka.

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“Kept you waiting, huh?”

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The show, however, said that he could not meet Otsuka, because the voice actor refuses to show his face and, thus, would not appear on the show. See how Otsuka is turned into a green slihoutte?

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As a voice actor, the show explained, Otsuka’s policy was keep his face hidden so as not to destroy any connection fans have with the characters he voices.

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On Twitter, Otsuka wrote, “Huh? But I’m not particularly against showing my face... (;`ω´) I don’t care!”


Otsuka’s comment was retweeted over ten thousand times. The voice actor, however, didn’t offer any further clarification.

Japanese website NariNari points out that fans were surprised that the show would make such a claim, because Otsuka has regularly appeared at Metal Gear events and has appeared on Japanese TV many times before and has even appeared in stage plays.

If you’re into Japanese video games, chances are you’ve seen his face before. He’s one of the most recognizable voice actors in the country.

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Very strange! That’s probably why there are a whole bunch of theories floating around online in Japan which, as Get News reports, include the notion that this program is apparently staged or that Otsuka’s agency wouldn’t let him appear. On 2ch, Japan’s largest forum, there are even unconfirmed notions involving Konami.

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Another odd entry in the odd year for Metal Gear Solid.

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