The Week in the Business: 'GTA V to Steal Everyone's Attention in Front of E3'

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "GTA V to steal everyone's attention in front of E3." - Analysts explain how GTA V, in typical Rockstar fashion, is going to take the industry by storm next year, possibly by grabbing the limelight during E3.


QUOTE | "PS3 has a performance advantage over 360." - Team Ninja Leader Yosuke Hayashi gives the edge to PS3 in a special feature on console horsepower and how much more is left this generation.

QUOTE | "Zynga exists because EA, Blizzard, failed to step in." - Richard Garriott explains how the MMO is threatened by the social game, and how he's going to challenge Blizzard.

STAT | $1.1 billion – The amount of money Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter believes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will makein the first 6 weeks.

QUOTE | "The retail model has always been and still is broken." - Dino Patti, CEO of Limbo developer Playdead, talks up the digital distribution model and how "inefficient" retail is for the games business.

QUOTE | "Virtual buttons still totally suck." - Impressions from a near-finished Grand Theft Auto 3 for mobile haven't been great and IndustryGamers wonders if it's going to ruin the GTA experience.

QUOTE | "GameStop is not developing its own tablet at this time. " - GameStop spokesperson Wendy Dominguez, explaining why GameStop is introducing Android tablets without a GameStop label, but pre-loaded with 6 games and a wireless controller option.


QUOTE | "It takes an immense amount of time to create a game." - Team Krinoid's John Peters on one of the lessons they learned creating a game company out a college game design project.

STAT | $200 million – The amount of revenue that EA's social games revenue could hit for fiscal 2012, thanks to the stellar performance of The Sims Social.


QUOTE | "There is never a dull moment." - Tammy Levine, EA's VP of Public Relations, explaining what it's like to be a PR professional in the games industry.

QUOTE | "Video games can be designed to optimize the development of creativity." - Findings from a new study by Michigan State University looked into whether kids get more creative when exposed to video games.


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Here's the funny thing. Nobody ever paid attention to GTA3 at E3 2000, so the next GTA installment was announced, and Rockstar was nowhere to be found. They've ignored E3 with a passion for a long time, relying on fan power to get GTA out there. Besides, FOX is a load of fools giving them free ads, so why complain?

They're not gonna be at E3 2012.