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The week before E3 is always a gathering storm of rumor, hype, and anticipation. Friday, however, delivered something unusual even for the usual pre-expo chatter: A potential look at what could be a show-stealer for Nintendo.


That above is Kotaku's mockup of the new Nintendo 3DS, working off a schematic created by a Chinese blogger who claims to have a 3DS development kit, plus circuit board schematics filed by Nintendo with the FCC, and additional information Kotaku has gathered since it's been reporting on this device.

This E3 is widely anticipated to be motion gaming's show, with Project Natal and the PlayStation Move commanding the spotlight. But Nintendo's latest handheld has acquired considerable buzz in the games industry and is starting to trickle out to the public before the big debut.


Kotaku readers were skeptical - we make no claim that's an authentic image of the 3DS - but nonetheless intrigued to know more and not have to wait for it.

"Very cool looking. I honestly didn't hold much interest in Nintendo's presser outside of the new Zelda... but Christ, I want to see the 3DS so much now," wrote Ursus-Veritas."It would be absolutely amazing if it had Wii-like graphics, and that big-ass screen to enjoy them on."

"The 3DS is either going to be a whopping success and break 100 million units or it's going to be the next Virtual Boy," wrote Adhominem. "I'm certainly very interested to see it in action though."

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