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Duke Nukem Forever was Twitter's No. 1 worldwide trending topic yesterday, over two global natural disasters. You'd better believe it's the biggest news here, even against three other stories that would have carried a week by themselves.


By those, I mean the PlayStation Move review, previews and impressions; news that GameStops on U.S. military installations won't sell Medal of Honor, and the reaction from veterans and servicemembers; and, oh yeah, the Penny Arcade Expo 2010, underway yesterday from Seattle.

Let's also not forget the continued trickle of info coming in from the Kinect beta, Sony's showdown with the PS3 modchip makers, layoffs at LucasArts and the Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer preview.


Did I forget Gun Week? Our weeklong examination of firearms and games' lifelong love affair with them? Holy God, this might have been the newsiest week I've ever seen in my time at Kotaku. Really. And there's more to come this weekend and next week as PAX 2010 rolls along. Stay tuned.

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