The Week In Games: Puzzling Prospects

The critically anticipated Lost in Shadow for the Wii (pictured), and the cheerful platformer ilomilo on Xbox Live Arcade highlight the first week of major releases in 2011.

Tuesday (Jan. 4)

  • Lost in Shadow (Wii) - Kotaku's runner up for Best New Game of E3, Lost in Shadow is the journey of a boy's shadow, separated from him, through a puzzling world of light and darkness.

Wednesday (Jan. 5)

  • ilomilo (XBLA) - Southend Interactive delivers a gorgeous, axis-flipping, perspectivie shifting platform puzzler for the Xbox 360.

Also:StarDrone (PS3)

Looking Ahead

Jan. 11: D.C. Universe Online; Jan. 17: Monday Night Combat (PC); Jan. 18: Mass Effect 2 (PS3), LittleBigPlanet 2; Jan. 25: Dead Space 2.


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Source: GameSpot, GameStop

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