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The Week In Games: Ōkami For The Holidays

Illustration for article titled The Week In Games: iŌkami/i For The Holidays

The brush-stroke action game arrives on modern consoles in five years after its last port. If you haven’t played it before you’re officially out of excuses.


Hailed for its visuals when it came out over a decade ago, the Zelda-like is also full of interesting combat punctuated by the occasional (and sure, not always great) puzzle sequence. The game’s long also, maybe too long, but don’t worry about trying to finish it. The joy of Ōkami can be gleaned even from the shortest playthrough.

Elsewhere the Vita is finally getting some more games while Nintendo continues to dump its backlog of 3DS and Wii U indies onto the Switch. Here’s everything else that’s coming out.


Tuesday, December 12

  • Party Planet — Switch
  • The End Is Nigh — Switch
  • Ōkami HD — Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Fallout 4 VR — Vive
  • Aaero — PS4
  • Dragon’s Lair Trilogy — PS4
  • Dynasty Feud — PS4
  • Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion — PS4
  • Fallen: A2P Protocol — PS4
  • Gang Beasts — PS4
  • Nine Parchments — PS4
  • One More Dungeon — PS4. Vita
  • The Rabbit Hole — PS VR
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse — PS4
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — Xbox One
  • Chambra — PC
  • Papers, Please — Vita

Wednesday, December 13

  • Super Hydorah — PS4, Vita
  • Night in the Woods — Xbox One
  • Final Fantasy XV - Episode Ignis — Xbox One, PS4
  • Desert Golfing — PC

Thursday, December 14

  • Bleed — Switch
  • Yooka-Laylee — Switch
  • Gorogoa — PC, Mac
  • Black The Fall — Switch
  • Bleed — Switch
  • Mecho Tales — Switch
  • Mutant Mudds Collection — Switch
  • Never Stop Sneakin’ — Switch
  • One More Dungeon — Switch
  • Poly Bridge — Switch

Friday, December 15

  • Unepic — Switch
  • Romancing Saga 2 — PS4, Vita
  • Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery — Xbox One
  • Circuits — Xbox One
  • Future War: Reborn — Xbox One
  • Hammerwatch — Xbox One
  • It’s Quiz Time — Xbox One
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse — Xbox One
  • Omega Quintet — PC

Coming Soon

Tuesday, December 19

  • Crawl — Switch
  • DragonFangZ - The Rose & Dungeon of Time
  • Accounting+ — PS VR

Wednesday, December 20

  • Defunct — Xbox One, PS4
  • Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, Episode 3 — Xbox One, PS4, PC

Thursday, December 21

  • Frederic: Resurrection of Music — Switch
  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood — Switch
  • The Deer God — Switch
  • The Next Penelope — Switch

Friday, December 22

  • Heart&Slash — Switch

What else is coming out soon? Planning to play something on Steam or mobile? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Joon Skeezle

I’ve bought Okami on every platform it’s been released on.

I have never gotten very far. I’m going to buy it again on PS4.

Dear god I hope they let us skip/speed up dialogue. I think that might be why I never get far.