The Week In Games: It's A Bit Of A Ghost Town...

Just the tumbleweeds and nothing much else...
Just the tumbleweeds and nothing much else...
Screenshot: Rockstar Games

The last days of 2019 are here and the first days of 2020 are coming. And there aren’t new games coming out during the transition to a new year.


Seriously, if you thought last week was a quiet week, look down below this paragraph and see how short the list is this week. I had to dig around Steam to find games to put on this list.

Anyways, have a great 2020!

Monday, Dec. 30

  • Guntech | PC, Mac
  • Candera: The Forgotten Realm | PC
  • Infferno | PC
  • Granny: Chapter Two | PC
  • Knight Solitaire | PC

Tuesday, Dec. 31

  • Live Checkpoint | PC
  • Tri-Wing | PC
  • Lighting Fighter | PC
  • Chaos Hero | PC
  • Street Hoop | PC

Wednesday, Jan. 1

  • Chemical Chimpet | PC
  • Gnubbl | PC
  • Fuzzy’s Quest | PC
  • Cosmos | PC
  • Steel Rain | PC
  • GraFi Lunar | PC

Thursday, Jan. 2

  • Link-a-Pix Deluxe | Switch
  • WildIsland | PC

Friday, Jan. 3

  • Necro Wars | PC
  • Witchcraft: Pandora’s Box | PC
  • God of Gym | PC
  • Deadly Runner | PC

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