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The Week In Games: Convoy!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Weird. Not much coming out this week. It is almost like some giant gaming event is sucking away everyone’s attention. Hmmm... Weird.

I wonder if we will get any surprise game releases during E3? You know, those moments when a person walks onto a stage, teases a game and then goes “It’s out now!” or “It’s coming out tomorrow!” I would love to see a company do it differently one time. Come out, show a cool game and then go “It’s been out for like four days, but you all didn’t know because we didn’t promote or anything.”

While this is a mostly dead week, thanks to E3, there are a few interesting releases. A new state comes to American Truck Simulator. Blaster Master Zero makes its way to PC later this week and for Leisure Suit Larry fans I guess you get a new game this week too. There must be Leisure Suit Larry fans out there, right? Someone is buying these games.


Other stuff is coming out this week! Check out the list below:

Monday June 10

  • CoderBear | PC, Mac
  • Super Friends Party | PC
  • Mister Burnhouse | PC
  • Call Of Fries | PC
  • Creation And Conquest: The Future War | PC

Tuesday June 11

  • Mushroom Cats | PC
  • Horizon Shift ‘81 | PS4, PC, Mac
  • Dragon Star Varnir | PS4
  • Battle Worlds: Kronos | Switch
  • Voxel Bot | PC
  • Flux Caves | PC, Mac
  • American Truck Simulator -Washington State DLC | PC, Mac
  • Glad Valakas: Cyberban | PC
  • JoustMaina | PC

Wednesday June 12

  • Adventures Of Bertram Fiddle: Ep. 2 | Xbox One
  • 2URVIVE | Xbox One
  • ZIC: Survival | PC
  • Flying Slime! | PC

Thursday June 13

  • Doodle God Evolution | Xbox One
  • Depixition | PC, Mac
  • Superstar Hero | PC, Mac
  • PUM | PC
  • HeroOfMetal - Ep 1 | PC
  • Animal Notes | PC
  • Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don’t Dry | Switch
  • Enchanted In The Moonlight - Kiryu, Chikage & Yukinojo | Switch
  • Enchanted In The Moonlight- Miyabi. Kyoga & Samon | Switch
  • Please Don’t Touch Anything: Classic | Switch
  • Radiation City | Switch
  • PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker | Switch

Friday June 14

  • God Wars: The Complete Legend | PC
  • Dead Dungeon | Switch
  • Hexologic | Xbox One
  • Plagueworld | PC
  • Ninja Run | PC
  • Summer Sports Games | PC
  • Blaster Master Zero | PC
  • Diggerman | PC
  • Verlet Swing | Switch
  • Vosaria: Lair Of The Forgotten | Switch

Saturday June 15

  • Hardcore Parkour | PC

Sunday June 16

  • ORTHOISO | PC, Mac
  • J Connect | PC
  • Awesome Taxi | PC, Mac