The Week In Games: Birds

Screenshot: Monster Couch

It’s a pretty quiet week for game releases. Look at it as a chance to catch up on your backlog.


Monday, December 28

Quell Reflect | Switch

Cube Raiders | Switch

Void Source | Switch

Professor Lupo: Ocean | Switch

Dungeon Limbus | Switch

Hell Sports | Switch

Tuesday, December 29

Wingspan | Switch

Back to Belt | Xbox

Wednesday, December 30
Thursday, December 31

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance | PC

Friday, January 1


I’m not sure if you’re seriously into Wingspan (giving it the pic and headline) or just being flip or what, but I couldn’t be more excited. I miss my tabletop euro-derived games during this shitty year and while I don’t like Wingspan as much as, say, Underwater Cities, it has its charms. The aesthetics are top notch and with playthroughs under an hour or so, it’s a very efficient way to get some of that engine builder buzz going in a reasonable time frame and without completely burning you out. I’ve been playing on my junk PC but I’m looking forward to the switch port, since the choice of touch screen or standard controller should be much more manageable. I’m also hoping it will lead to a larger pool of players for MP. If nothing else, I can play with my nieces, which will be fun.

I only wish they’d get the expansions done. The game is so much better with the Euro birds and I still haven’t gotten to use the Oceania mechanics in an MP setting.

Next, hopefully we can get Scythe....