The Week In Games: Big Dinosaurs

This week is E3, so the game offerings are slight, but it’s the perfect time to learn how to create your own dinosaur park.


Jurassic World Evolution is coming out this week, and there’s nothing that gets me more excited about the game than the inevitable reality that I will create a nightmare scenario in which a big game hunter gets destroyed by a very clever girl. Or, you know, we’ll make a nice theme park or something.

There’s also some other great stuff, like a Bomberman game and Tennis World Tour for the Switch. We’re also getting the Lego version of The Incredibles, which I’m sure is going to be something excellent for both fans of the film and for fans of smashing things apart. I mean, dang, those games really just let you go at it smashing things.


There’s lots of stuff coming out this week, though, so here’s a list.

Monday, June 11

  • Jolt Family Robot Racer Switch

Tuesday, June 12

  • Alchemic Jousts — Switch
  • Hexologic — Switch
  • Jurassic World Evolution — Xbox One, PC
  • Omega Strike — PS4
  • Super Bomberman R — Xbox One
  • Tennis World Tour — Switch

Thursday, June 14

  • NeoGeo Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory — Switch

Friday, June 15

  • Lego The Incredibles — PS4, Xbox One, Switch
  • Omega Strike — Xbox One

Coming Soon

Tuesday, June 19

  • The Lost Child — Switch

Wednesday, June 20

  • Grab The Bottle — Switch

Thursday, June 21

  • Drawful 2 — Switch
  • Lost in Harmony — Switch
  • Minecraft — Switch
  • MUSYNX — Switch
  • Vegas Party — Switch

Friday, June 22

  • Mario Tennis Aces — Switch

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a big game hunter gets destroyed by a very clever girl.

I bet there’s some porn for exactly this scenario on the internet somewhere. This amuses me greatly.