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The Wednesday Morning Stream: Abyss Odyssey [Game Over]

Illustration for article titled The Wednesday Morning Stream: emAbyss Odyssey/em [Game Over]

If you keep track of our weekly list of new game releases, you'll have noted that Atlus and Ace Team's Abyss Odyssey was one of the highlights of a very sparse week. What the heck is it? Watch and find out.


Or I suppose I could just tell you. From the Chilean development studio that brought us the stylistically unique Zeno Clash games comes a weird little gamer that combines side-scrolling RPG mechanics with fighting game-style moves. It's lovely, in a very odd way, with procedurally generated landscapes and creatures that are real jerks to fight.

Enough words. It is time for fighting and dying.

Update: And we're done! Highlights include a song at 1:13 followed shortly by a harmonica solo. Special thanks to Darkkone from the chat for telling everyone about the game while I fumbled about!


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Can't view this on mobile. Kind of up in the air about it... Any thoughts?