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The Water-Repelling Spray That's A Mix Of Science And Outright Sorcery

What. The. Hell.

I've seen a video demonstration of NeverWet before, but never a demonstration as all-inclusive as this one, posted about a week ago. The product, which is arriving (or has already arrived) in Home Depot and Red Rose Commons, will turn anything it touches into a magical water-repellant material. More info here.


Watch the video. You may find yourself asking the same sorts of questions we were asking today in Kotaku chat. What if you sprayed yourself? How would you get it off? Would it make you sink immediately to the bottom of the ocean? Can we make it work with bullets? What about for birth control? (I know, ew. But also... right?)

Is this all some sort of elaborate hoax? How far are we, realistically, from force-field technology?


And on, and on.

Anyway. Everyone doing well? Have a good weekend? Play any good games lately? Talk games, weekend activities, and magically subverting the rules of science, here or at TAY.

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What would happen if you sprayed this all over yourself and jumped into a pool?