Welcome back to the Week in Gaming Apps, a place where one moment you're running over zombies with a train and the next you're enjoying a motherly embrace with a globular pink alien. Thank you, mobile gaming.

One of the joys of covering the mobile scene for Kotaku is the sheer absurdity of the games that are created when free of the constraints of the console gaming environment. There are some really freaking odd people with equally odd brains out there in mobile development, unscrewing the tops of their skulls and pouring them onto Google Play and iTunes.

I'm not just talking about Dragon Up either.

If you'd rather play something more traditional, then there's always After Burner Climax. It's about shooting planes with other planes. Me? I'll be the the corner cuddling the pink goo.

Here's what we played this week!



Beat the Beast - $.99 [also on iOS]

A circular take on tower defense, attackers spiral about the map as the player rotates the world and peppers it with defenses. Kind of nifty.


Dawn Hero - Free

He's a hero, but only during very specific times. A lovely example of the corridor-based defense genre. It's fun, at least until the paying starts.


Mission of Crisis - Free

An oddly-enthralling little strategy game involving anthropomorphic animals.



Battle Line - Free

It's just one of those corridor defense type of weeks I suppose. This one's from the Gamevil folks.


Pin War - $1.99

Competitive multiplayer pinball on the same screen! A little simpler than I expected, but a ton of fun with another player.


After Burner Climax - $2.99

Ridiculously entertaining homage to the arcade original. Tons of action, not a lot of complexity.


Zombies & Trains HD - $1.99

Zombies attempt to get to a prize in the middle of an arena, and you control the trains. What's not to like?


Word Monster - Free

A set of challenging word puzzles. Fun, but only the first set is free, the rest with cost you.


Dragon Storm - Free

A massively multiplayer online strategy game. Build your fortress, conquer the world. Word up to my Darkside homies.


Be Together - $.99

An absolutely adorable physics puzzler about bringing two separated lovers (or possibly just good friends) together through creative object placement.


Stick To It - Free

Another cute physics platform puzzler, this one involves reuniting a mother with her wayward (and sticky) child. A very smart game.

App Reviews for the Week of February 2 - 8


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