Like the unholy, reanimated body of a lost loved one, the season two premiere of The Walking Dead is lurking just around the corner, ready to strike panic in your heart—and possibly rip your throat out.

Last season on AMC's award-winning show, fans followed former cop Rick Grimes as he attempted to find his wife and child in the midst of a terrifying, zombie-ravaged landscape. Now, in a world that belongs solely to the dead, Rick and his fellow survivors have more than just the Walkers to worry about—because with no cure in sight, it's every man (living or otherwise) for himself.

Check out the extended trailer above for a look at all the action coming in the new season, or if that doesn't satiate your hunger, get a glimpse at what's happening behind the scenes of The Walking Dead by viewing the video to your left.

So gather up your loved ones (after checking for any zombie bites), and tune in for the season premiere of The Walking Dead, this Sunday, October 16 at 9/8c—only on AMC!