The Vote on the Bill to Kill the Internet has Been Delayed

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According to a report on The Hill, over the weekend it was arranged that a planned vote on the Stop Online Piracy Act would not go ahead "unless there is consensus on the bill".


The concession was apparently granted when the bill's sponsor, Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, agreed to " drop a controversial provision that would have required Internet service providers to block infringing websites."

Which is one of the biggest bones of contention surrounding the proposal.

Numerous video game companies have protested the bill, as have many websites. Some had even gone so far as to propose a "blackout" on January 18, the same day as the bill was supposed to have been voted on, but with that now delayed I guess they'll hold off.


On Saturday the White House spoke out against the bill.

Controversial online piracy bill shelved until 'consensus' is found [The Hill]

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And now SOPA, the Patriot's AI that's used to control the flow of information to suit their purpose.

ID-tagged service providers use ID-tagged search engines, block ID-tagged websites.

Web content control. Information control. Search results control.

Everything is monitored and kept under control.

Internet has changed.