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More Big (and Small) Game Developers Sound Off Against SOPA

More and more game developers are voicing their displeasure with the Stop Online Piracy Act better known as SOPA.


We've already heard from the likes of Epic Games, Riot Games and Red 5 Studios.


Well, this week Bungie has come out against SOPA and proclaimed that they, "All agree that SOPA sucks."

Well said gents. They added:

Bungie is opposed to any legislation that curtails free speech, stifles innovation, and prevents the open sharing of information on the Internet. SOPA fits that bill. If it passes, it will hurt our community, the gaming community at large, and it could very well cripple the kind of games we love to create and play.

Once again, well said.

Next up is Frozenbyte, the makers of the critically acclaimed Trine series. They are responsible for that video above. I guess you could call it a, "Somewhat silent protest." You can read more of their thoughts on the subject here.


In a brighter future, we hope to see freedom from censorship everywhere.

Stay tuned as the SOPA saga continues to unfold. Only time will tell who will come out of the woodwork next.


Bungie Stands Against SOPA [Gameranx]

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That was one of the dumbest videos I've ever seen. Whether or not SOPA is a good thing, the makers of the video basically say, 'we support your right to break the law.' Ignorant as hell. Why not say 'stores shouldn't put sensors on more expensive items because if you want to take something that's your choice.' I could respect the opinion of, "SOPA is bad because it may hurt innocent companies or websites", but to say whether or not you should be allowed to break the law should be your choice is asinine.