The Voice Actor For Seteth In Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is Now Performing Popular Seteth Memes

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Quickly after the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, fans of the game began creating memes focusing on the character of Seteth. And now Seteth’s voice actor is actually reading and voicing some of these memes on Twitter.

Seteth holds a lot of power in the game and doesn’t like the player character at first. So Seteth is fairly grumpy when giving some of his quests and errands. This has led to the creation of popular memes, featuring Seteth asking players to do silly, mundane or strange errands or tasks.


In response to the popularity of these memes Mark Whitten, the voice actor for Seteth, has actually begun recording himself reading the memes as Seteth.

Marked using the hashtag #setehsays, these tweets have been very popular within the Fire Emblem community. On the Fire Emblem subreddit, players are excited to have someone officially part of the game share in some of their meme-fueled fun.

“Omg. This is the greatest. I’ve never been in a fandom where the voice actors were actually part of the community and it is awesome,” wrote one fan on Reddit.


“My sister doesn’t even like fire emblem and she’s laughing her ass off,” wrote another fan on the same post.

As of now, Whitten has only recorded two #setethsays and posted them on Twitter. Fans are already asking for him to do more, sharing new and old Seteth memes in the hope he will read one of these next.

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It’s always nice when voice actors take time out of their day to do this kind of thing.