Our weekly roundup of the new mobile games we've played over the past five day period is usually filled with physics puzzles and endless runners. Those things are indeed present this week, but tempered with some good old-fashion shooting people in the head.

Oh don't worry, they're mostly stick people. I've been passing up the stick-figure sniping genre for far too long. When I shoot, I prefer to do it from as far away as possible. It's a skill thing. Also a being afraid of getting shot back thing. Man, have I been missing out. If all the stick snipers are as enjoyable as Simon Hason's Tactical Assassin, my bathroom breaks are going to get incredibly lengthy over the next few weeks.

And then there's Overkill 2, a game with a wide variety of firearms as a selling point. Normally this would do absolutely nothing for me, but I find myself intrigued by collecting and modifying guns. I don't know what it is. I'm just in a shooty mood.

But don't worry, there's plenty of non-shooter fare in this week's roundup as well. We've got cartoon cats, cartoon turtles, cartoon rabbits, and more colorful squares than you can arrange in a tile pattern on the floor without coming off as utterly tacky. Just take a look at...

What We Played This Week


Overkill 2 - iOS, Android - Free

It might not be much more than a shooting gallery, but Overkill 2 is oddly appealing, with a large selection of weapons and mods to make them weapon better.


Mittens - iPhone/iPad - $.99/$2.99

The latest character-driven puzzle sensation from the folks at Disney, help Mittens get his milk with physics. Physics is the best. Go physics.


Feast or Famine - iOS - $.99

Cave paintings come to life in this spear-chucking game of prehistoric survival. Really dig the style here. Unique.


Dream Chaser - iOS - $.99

A story-driven running game with a sharp and distinctive visual style and a neat acceleration gambling mechanic. I love glowing blue people.


The Other Brothers - iOS - $.99

The Kickstarter failed, but the dream is still alive. 3D Attack's 2D retro platformer arrives on iOS, crying out for physical controls, which would make it perfect.


Bubble Blitz HD - iOS - Free

I am contractually obligated to play anything involving shooting colored bubbles with other colored bubbles.


Run Sheldon! - iOS - Free

I was really hoping this was a Big Bang Theory game, but it's an endless-running take on the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare instead. Works for me.


Blendoku - iOS, Android - Free

A really interesting puzzle game for the non-color blind, Blendoku challenges players to arrange squares by hue progression. Loving this one.


Tactical Assassin - iOS, Android - $.99

Simon Hason's hit web series comes to life, then gets shot in the head. It happens. Finally my love of sniping gets the best of me, and I love what I see.

App Reviews for the Week of 4/1 - 4/5


Dungeon Hearts is the Active Time Battle of Puzzle RPGs

As a gamer who has been playing Japanese role-playing games since they've been a thing, the first hurdle to overcome in Cube Roots' Dungeon Hearts was getting used to having my party on the left side of the screen. That's not where four heroes are supposed to assemble.Read…

Edge of Twilight: Athyr Above is Trying Really Hard to Be a Good Game

The resurrection of Fuzzyeyes Entertainment's steampunk saga Edge of Twilight gains steam (sorry) in Athyr Above, the second playable foray into the split day-and-night world that once seemed lost. The first game, a bad free Temple Run knock-off, left me with the impression that maybe the franchise should have stayed down. This one proves, at the very least, that Edge of Twilight has a story to tell. It's just not quite the right way to tell it. Read…


A Little Evolution Goes a Long Way in Alien Hive

A cursory glance at Appxplore's latest mobile game gives the impression that it's nothing more than a standard match-three puzzle game. Alien Hive is a match-three game, but it's also an alien-breeding strategy game — I guess that last bit is hard to convey in a single screenshot. Let's try words instead. Read…


What an Astoundingly Clever Way to Play Tekken

There are some incredibly sharp people out there who would truly enjoy playing Namco Bandai fighter Tekken competitive online, but lack the skills necessary to prevail against the lightning-fast reflexes of their peers. Tekken Card Tournament is the game for them. Read…


This is Not the Injustice: Gods Among Us You're Waiting For, But It's Not Too Shabby

As comic book and fighting game fans anxiously await the April 16 release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment deliver a tiny taste of the alternate-reality DC Universe battle royale in the form of a gorgeous little free fighter with collectible card tendencies. Read…


Forget Endless Runners, Here's an Endless Action RPG

A half-hour with FDG Entertainment's Slayin has convinced me that the action role-playing games I enjoyed as a much younger man were woefully inefficient. Read…