The Video Game Version of The Dark Knight Rises' Prison Scene Is, Um, Different

Ah, the poetry and metaphor of the prison sequence in The Dark Knight Rises! How would one ever turn that into an awesome video game level?

The answer: by adding lots of dudes for Bruce Wayne to punch.

Video games are excellent at many things, but adapting movie scenes that don't have a lot of action in them? They stink at that. Games usually need to give players something to do, and "something to do" often = "someone to beat up or kill." Interaction is the essence of video games, ater all, and violence is the easiest interaction to render. So the creators of the official Dark Knight Rises take some lovely and relatively quiet scenes from Christopher Nolan's movies and fill 'em with action. It certainly wrecks the tone, but then again, most James Bond video games turn the cinematic version of Ian Fleming's suave spy into a commando.


Oh well, the rest of this Batman game is more promising and a tad more faithful to the movie.

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