The Video Game Alphabet

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A is for Apple. B is for Bastard. C is for Carrot, and D is for...DualShock 2?

It is in "consolefont", an alphabet (well, a font to be precise) designed by Dutchman Varun Vachhar, a student at the Royal Academy of Arts. Squint and you'll see that all 26 letters, 10 numbers and 3 symbols are constructed from the silhouettes of video game controllers, consoles and components.


Yes, the wrong PS3 controller is there. Don't let that spoil the fact he made a "5" out of Game Boy Micros, or an "@" out of what looks like a Pong paddle.

Console Font [Behance, via GameSetWatch]

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Michael Dukakis

I think you guys may b a bit too hard on him, that's clear to c.