It seems like Mad Max: Fury Road just hit theaters, but LEGO builder Will has already remade the best vehicles of the movie with LEGO bricks. Must have been a tough challenge to build even these tiny versions.

Check them out below (via GallowBoob on r/lego) or in his gallery over here. Witnesssssss!

Here’s a giant truck, full of spikes and an extra fuel pod, inspired by Furiosa’s War Rig.

Here’s the Gigahorse, Immortan Joe’s slightly modified 1959 Caddilac. It’s also a slightly modified Ghostbusters Ecto-1.

Here’s the most insane member of Immortan Joe’s party: The morale booster Doof Wagon.

And here’s a bonus from a different builder. A fantastic remake of the “Elvis” hotrod by Calin.

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