The Vanishing Modem And Other Surprising Game Boy Advance Trivia

Now that we've learned 13 things you might not have known about the original Game Boy, Did You Know Gaming takes us into the next generation of Nintendo handhelds, the Game Boy Advance. Did you know it was supposed to have a modem?


Or at least some sort of cell phone connectivity, which was a pretty progressive idea back in the late '90s. A bit too progressive, for once the handheld got into developer and then consumer hands, there was no modem or cellular connection to be found. Perhaps Nintendo was just saving it for something with a bit more screen.

Narrated once again by Jake of Vsauce3, the second installment of DYKGaming's celebration of Nintendo handhelds includes many tidbits I was unaware of. Did you know:

  • The Game Boy Advance was in the works as early as 1995, six years before its release?
  • The Game Boy Color was released as a means to keep brand momentum going while developers perfected the Game Boy Advance?
  • The Game Boy Advance featured plenty of odd peripherals, but none quite as odd as a headset meant to help children stay calm while being sedated?
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Wow. I can't wait to see what DYKGaming has in store for the Game Boy Advance SP.


is anyone as creeped out as I am about that sedating thingy?