The US Army Has One of the Prettiest Video Games On the Planet

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Remember back in May, how we showed you that footage from the US military's new "video game" simulation suite? Well, it's back. And it looks more amazing than ever.


To recap, this is the Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS), a new simulation tool for the US Army. It's cost the government nearly $60 million to develop, but if you get to use it you'll probably think it's totally worth it, as it's designed to be played not on a screen, but in a virtual reality rig, complete with goggles.


A lot of what you're seeing here, especially in the second video, aren't "levels" in the traditional sense, they're massive outdoor environments being rendered by CryEngine 3 (the engine that powers Crysis 2).

Looks like a very pretty version of ArmA. Which makes me want to play this. Badly.

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I have a friend who actually got to try this out.

The techs said they were only running the game at half settings as to not freak out visitors with the graphical realism.

And the gun you use has real kickback and has to be reloaded. You wear a vest that tells you when you've been hit by giving you a kick.