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Oftentimes an idea that begins as something completely ridiculous can morph into something that's pretty damn compelling. Take this back page ad from ToyFare magazine, Wizard's guide to all things tiny, plastic, and on my fireplace mantle. First you take mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter. That's one splendid idea, isn't it? Then you add in Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Predator, Aliens, Rocky, Sectaurs, etc., and things start to get pretty silly...but damn if I wouldn't shell out good money for this game. ToyFare Editor Justin Aclin agrees.

Hey, folks. Big fan of the site. I'm the Editor for ToyFare Magazine, and I wanted to draw your attention to our new fake "Back Page Ad" that we just posted on our blog. Not necessarily because I think it's hysterical, but because the more we thought about such a game, the more we really, really wanted to play it.


Thank you, Justin. Your disembodied head atop an action figure's body is an inspiration to us all. Back Page: The Ultimate Ultimate Fighting Championship [Wizard Universe]

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