The Ultimate Sandboxer

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Quite literally. "The Hell of Sand" is a brilliant time-waster of a flash game. "There are many dynamics to this game but no goal. Play around for a while and you'll get the hang of it." Great premise.


You play with four streams of colored sand using 18 different effects, some of them working in awesome combinations with each other.

C-4 and Torch, for example, wasn't too hard to figure out. I've also been making little cups of gunpowder and blasting them to hell with torch. But can someone tell me what "plant" does? Does it grow in the water? I can't figure it out.

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Oh my, my, my... thanks Owen, you have just turned my "offtime" during work into "The Hell of Sand" time.

Good thing because since I don't drink coffe, I ofene forget to make coffe breaks and am spartan like in front of my workstation all day long... very relaxing.