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Why don't more cars come with a beer tap? Oh yeah, the whole wasted morons killing people thing. Well Dream Arcades has just released the next best thing to getting wasted and hitting the road with the Octane 120, a custom built driving arcade cabinet featuring a 120 inch HD projection screen, a 5.1 audio system, a home theater PC complete with 12 classic racing games, a PlayStation 3 compatible steering wheel, and of course, dual beer taps, front and rear. Of course you don't have to put beer in could easily fill it with Jack Daniels. The Octane 120 doesn't come cheap, however, and with a price tag of $6,995 you might just be better off with your beer can hat and a nice old recliner. Still a very good alternative to getting drunk and actually driving, and if it keeps modestly wealth boozed-up idiots off the streets then more power to them.Dream Arcades Taps Into Fun with the Octane 120 Beer Arcade Ultimate Arcade Driving Cabinet Features a 120 HD Projection Screen, Dual Keg Taps, a Dozen Classic and Modern Driving games, Home Theater PC, and a PS3 Compatible Steering Wheel Sacramento, CA Oct. 15, 2008 Dream Arcades (, announces the launch and immediate availability of the Octane 120, the ultimate home arcade driving cabinet. The Octane 120 is the ultimate in home arcade gaming, and combines three things every adult gamer wants: classic arcade games, arcade-style racing, and a beer tap to get your favorite beverage without having to get out of the seat! "We designed the Octane 120 to feature everything that a guy could possibly want in a home arcade racing cabinet (or Home Theater!), including a beer tap, PC and PlayStation 3 compatibility, and a whopping 120 projection screen," says Michael Ware, owner of Dream Arcades. We even have the user interface hooked up to YouTube and, so you can watch 80 s classics like A-Team, Air Wolf, Star Trek, and The Fall Guy with friends between races." Octane 120 Features: 120 HD DLP Projection Screen Dual Taps for the keg Dashboard and Rear 12 Classic and Modern Arcade Racing Games PlayStation 3 Compatible Steering Wheel Home Theater PC 5.1 Audio System Links to and YouTube to watch awesome classic 80 s TV shows, movies, and viral videos Keg Tap supports any beverage available in a keg, including root beer, and sparkling apple cider for those gamers under 21. Dream Arcades does not condone drinking and driving. The Octane 120 is designed for entertainment purposes only, we hope that it will demonstrate the extent to which alcohol can impair judgment and educate people on the dangers of drinking and driving.


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