Cosplayers work hard to bring your favorite characters to life—but that doesn't prevent things from going wrong come convention time. In fact, it's not uncommon to experience small disasters when wearing a costume out in the wild. And that's exactly where Captain Patch-It comes in.

Discovered in Supanova Melbourne earlier this year, Captain Patch-It may not the type of hero you read about in comics or see in movies, but he's probably the most important cosplay superhero of all. That's because his costume is meant to help other cosplayers in need—he comes equipped with a ton of spare pins, thread in all sorts of colors, duct tape (as well as double-sided tape), a hot glue gun, scissors, and more things that would be essential in a cosplay emergency:


Better yet, Captain Patch-It is trying to rally the support of other good samaritans out there by starting what he calls 'The International Cosplay Corps,' a group dedicated to bringing more heroes like Captain Patch-It to conventions everywhere. Because if there's one thing every convention needs, it's someone like Captain Patch-It. The Cosplay Corps has, unsurprisingly, its own patch:


Awesome. Here's hoping more people take inspiration from Captain Patch-It. Cosplayers everywhere need people like this.

(Via Do You Have A Flag)