The Two Latest Marvel VS. Capcom Characters Take You To Task

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's release is less than a month away, and Capcom keeps marching out the new combatants. Today we get our first look at Street Fighter's Akuma and a new Marvel character that knows all of your moves.

First up is Akuma, the younger brother of Gouken, the sensei of Street Fighter's Ken and Ryu. Lightning fast and often ridiculously powerful, Akuma is a hidden character that will pop out to kick your ass at inopportune times.
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And then we have Marvel's new entry, the Taskmaster. What makes him so scary, aside from his spooky skull mask? Taskmaster possesses something called photographic reflexes. If he sees a move, he can perform it. He's used this power to battle Captain America to a standstill on several occasions, and Deadpool only beat him by letting his innate insanity take over so the Taskmaster couldn't predict his moves. He's the guy super villains turn to in order to train their troops. Taskmaster will steal your moves and then beat you with them.
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Are we done yet, or does Capcom have any more surprises in store before Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's February 15 release date?

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i know ive said it many many times before but i so wanted to look forward to this game, then it used the sf4 engine and i just couldnt

i cant fathom how sf4 managed to end up so popular in the first place, the graphics are awful and that crappy 2d/3d thing just makes it look like its aimed at 5 year olds not a hardcore technical 1 on 1 fighter fanbase which most previous sf games were, were capcom bought out by disney and i wasnt told? not to mention how heavily simplified it was.

im sorry but after the likes of alpha 3 and sf3 3rd strike, the slow, boring, offensive to look at sf4 just did nothing for me and this looks like exactly the same game with an added coat of marvel paint

ill stop ranting now, i just get so worked up when i think how one of my favourite gaming franchises has been destroyed (largely due to whiners moaning that everything should be 3d) it gets to me a bit, this must be what all those star wars/indiana jones fans have been feeling