The Truly Dedicated Gamer Plans Their Diablo III Character In Advance

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All of the active skills, passive skills, and runestone modifications available for the five character classes of Diablo III add up to millions of possible character builds. Get a head start on setting up your own with the Diablo III Skill Calculator.


A recent addition to the Diablo III community website, the skill calculator lets plan out their characters from level one to level 30. Assign skills, slot runestones to modify those skills, and pick your level 10, 20, and 30 passives, crafting the Monk, Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, or Wizard of your dreams. Once your build is complete, link it on Facebook or Twitter, where thousands of Diablo fans will tell you how horrible it is.

It's always nice to get a head start on being ridiculed. Hit up the link for yours!


Diablo III Skill Calculator [Diablo III]

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Gilded Fox

I've never been a very good builder but I did give this a try last night for most of the classes. The only one I really felt comfortable with was what I pieced together on the DH, but seeing as how I felt good about it it was probably the worst one. It's not easy trying to build a bar when you're going in blind to most of the skills and their different rune effects either.

Although I did notice something strange about a majority of the skills. If these are supposed to be maxed out descriptions like they claim then the damage output has really been scaled back for D3. If you maxed a skill in D2 with most synergies added you could have a skill deal upwards of 900-1000+ damage. Most of what I saw was all at like 250 or below. Maybe I'm missing something.