The True Enemies of Dark Souls II Are Those Bloody Ledges

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So many mysteries, so many unopened chests... The most frustrating parts in a game like Dark Souls II are not just the bosses, but also the ledges with loot that just looks unreachable.


The chest in Max and Sam's clip however is probably just a mimic. Better leave that alone.

Dark Souls II - The Indomitable Ledge (Live Action) [Max and Sam, YouTube]

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The Father of Modern Laziness

I thought of something I want in Dark Souls 3. I don't know about others, but my first character always gets stuck at a boss and abandoned. There's always that one point where it feels like I'm beating my head against a wall and I just give up for a month or two before returning with a new character and finishing the game, (all three games so far). The thing is, that's very much in line with the world in which the souls games exist. Just about every npc you meet in game "gave up" at some point. So why not give your abandoned characters that chance. When you want to start over, there could be an option to make your last character an npc who waits for eternity at at the spot where she gave up and offer to help you complete what she could not, doesn't need to be voiced. She, or he if you prefer, could return to the hub and sell her inventory at inflated prices too.

edit: In case you are wondering it was the rotten in DS2, don't remember the others.